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Ian Layfield

Hedgelaying - Ilkley, Yorkshire

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Hedge laying is a method of creating a natural barrier whilst keeping the growth of the hedge dense, young and bushy.
It creates a living fence providing a visual barrier, shade and shelter for livestock and a habitat for wildlife.
Why lay a hedges? 
Laying hedges is a techniques in managing hedgerows, including ""Coppicing" (the cutting off at ground level encouraging the hedge to regenerate).

If left unmanaged a hedgerow will eventually become a line of trees. A barbed wire fence can easily be erected but does not provide the shelter like a hedge does for livestock and also is not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The cut stems, which are bent at an angle providing an impenetrable barrier for livestock and once laid and regulary trimmed in good order can last  up to 50 years.

hedgelaying ian layfield yorkshire 1

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 Hedgelaying in the Yorkshire Dales.

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